Registered Field Rep.

EMG wants to help you grow your business. Let us show you how to put the expertise of EMG, and all the resources of Elmdale Partners, behind you to build your client portfolio and grow your income opportunities.

Learn about EMG’s property and asset management services and REPRESENT us in your marketplace.  Create real and immediate financial gain for your clients and a new source of current income for yourself, have more tools in your sales toolkit, offer a broader array of differentiating and value-add client services and generate stronger client relationships by becoming an EMG Registered Field Rep and promoting EMG’s services to your existing and prospective clients.

For providing a referral or a residential or commercial property owner to EMG that becomes a property management client, you will receive the following direct benefits:

  • Referral Fees when your client engages EMG as property manager
    • Residential - $125
    • Commercial – case by case
  • Leasing Commissions – if the property type is within your field of expertise (residential or commercial), you will have the first right to place tenants and receive 60% of the net leasing commission (subject to the terms of the property management contract and customary C21 Franchise Fees and time limitations)
  • Listing Agreements when the owner decides to sell (subject to conditions)

Representing EMG will also provide you with additional valuable marketing benefits including:

  • Additional touch points and service offerings to attract new clients
  • Create tangible value for your clients
  • Assist clients in growing their portfolio
  • Access to all of Elmdale Partners’ professional and advisory services

Below are summary lists of the services and tasks EMG can provide to your Client Owners.  Feel free to reach out and we would be happy to discuss these with you in more detail and answer any other questions you may have that will help you represent EMG.

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EMG’s Services for Residential Owners

  • Market Analysis/Property Positioning
  • Property Inspections & Due Diligence
  • Marketing & Leasing
  • Online Rent Collection, Bill Payment, Service Requests and Owner Distributions
  • Tenant Relations and Screenings
  • 24/7 Owner Information Access
  • Accounting & Back Office Support
  • Timely, Professional Reporting
  • Routine & Emergency Maintenance & Inspections
  • Large Project General Contracting & Project Management
  • Architectural Design
  • Property Insurance and Claims Management
  • Document & Records Management

EMG’s Services for Commercial Owners

  • Market Analysis/Property Positioning
  • Property Inspections & Due Diligence
  • Leasing
  • Tenant Relations and Screenings
  • Routine & Emergency Maintenance
  • Accounting & Back Office Support
  • Institutionalized and Timely Reporting
  • Pass-thru Reconciliation
  • TI Project Management & General Contracting
  • Space Planning
  • Vendor Management
  • Debt & Equity Financing
  • Property Insurance & Claims Management
  • Document & Records Management
  • Advanced Technology

Ready to Find Out More?

Contact one of our team members to discuss our EMG Registered Field Rep program.